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About Us

Woodstock Telecom staff take pride in the kind of caring community Woodstock is, and we’re proud to play a supporting role beyond it’s communications needs. We support a number of local organizations, including Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Friends of the Orphans Canada, The United Way, Youth For Christ, The Salvation Army and other church organizations.

Woodstock Telecom: Committed to a Better Community

They pride themselves on being there when you need them the most.
“Our customers say they stay with us because we’re there when our customers need us, not when we want to show up,” explained Bruce Dorey, owner of Woodstock telecom.
Established in 1996, the Woodstock company specializes in business telephone systems, network systems, voice mail auto attendants and data cabling.
Woodstock Telecom’s three technicians boast over 90 years of experience in the field of telecommunications and stay on the cutting edge of the technology, including the latest Voice Over Internet Protocol.
“Technology is changing and we are changing too,” Dorey said.
Dorey said they are also committed to making their community a better place and pride themselves on their greening initiatives.
“We consider ourselves very environmentally friendly,” he said. “We sell reconditioned products, as well and brand-new products. We have existing products reconditioned, if you wish. Any product that is not repairable, we have recycled.”
Dorey also believes in investing their time and energy into making their community a better place to live.
A few of the charities they have become involved with include Big Brothers/Big Sisters, The United Way, Youth For Christ, Friends of the Orphans Canada and the Salvation Army.
“We’re longtime residents of the county, that’s why we care,” Dorey said. “We work with most charities in town to help out.”
Dorey said part of caring about their community includes wanting to help make local businesses as strong as they can possibly be. “We care about Woodstock and part of caring about Woodstock is caring about your business,” he said. “We try to give you a competitive edge to succeed in providing quality – in turn we are successful by receiving your loyalty.”

Environmentally responsible service

The environment is an important part of any community’s health, and there too, we take our responsibility seriously. We sell reconditioned products as well as brand-new ones. We can repair or have our customers’ equipment reconditioned if they wish. And if any product is not repairable, we recycle it.

Professional local service with a Personal Touch

Woodstock Telecom Inc. prides itself on being “big enough” to serve its customers while being “small enough to care.” Located at 1120 Nellis St., Woodstock Telecom specializes in business telephone systems, network system design, voice mail auto attendants and data cabling. Considering the communications demands of today’s fast-paced business environment, Woodstock Telecom boats an expertise and attention to detail that makes it a natural choice for local companies.

Woodstock Telecom offers the services needed to build and manage an effective communications network. With a knowledgeable staff and immediate service, Woodstock Telecom provides a number of solutions for business through sales and leasing of equipment. The company also provides repairs and maintenance for its systems.

As owner Bruce Dorey describes Woodstock Telecom’s approach, it’s a professional service with a personal touch.”

To make it even easier for prospective customers, Dorey even offers a free quotation for Woodstock Telecom’s services.
Woodstock Telecom’s personal touch also extends to its involvement with the community. The company supports a number of local organizations, including Woodstock General Hospital’s Building, the Vision campaign and the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce.

Our Staff

Woodstock Telecom staff and their families are long-time residents of this area. All of our people have decades of experience in the telecommunications industry.

Bruce Dorey

Keith Wallace

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